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Why Choose a Neobank?

Neobanks are revolutionizing the way we manage our finances. Offering lower fees, user-friendly apps, and innovative features, neobanks provide a superior banking experience tailored to the digital age.

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A New Banking Experience

With more and more people around the world are dissatisfied with their traditional banks, and are not interested in wasting their time by going to their local bank branch just in order to make simple and small actions, the world was eager to something new, something refreshing!

Then came the Neobanks, a fully digital banks that offers pretty much everything the old traditional banks offers, with additional fresh features, and a revolutionary state of mind giving their customers full and instant control on their money and financial life.

Some of the advantages of using a Neobank service as your own bank are these:

  1. It's in the tip of your toe

  2. It's Faster

  3. It's Paperless - better for the enviroment

  4. It's Easy to use

  5. It's Transparent

  6. it saves you time (and money) 

  7. It's giving you full control on your money!


So, are you ready to join the revolution in banking?

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What Are Neobanks?


In the world of financial technology, or fintech, neobanks are the new kids on the block and they’ve got everyone talking. As these new apps gain momentum on a global scale, the question you might be asking yourself is, “What are neobanks?”

Here, we’re going over what neobanks are, what makes them different from regular banks, how neobanks work, and the advantages they can offer you. Go to full article


How To Choose The Right Mobile Bank For You Needs


With so many neobanks springing up on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you. The following article contains a step by step guide that will help you decide which mobile bank to go with. Read More